Bringing our intelligence together


Develop cooperation & collaboration to give rise to enthusiasm and creativity. Collective intelligence allows achieving 1+1=3, while organisations working under competition, inexistant cooperation and cliquishness will mostly attain 1+1=0.7. Collaborative management brings Collective Intelligence’s principles to practical life in a group, association, company or collectivity. We establish the Collaborative [...]

Team coaching


Who is it for ? Operational teams or functional teams ( board , directors, managers , sales representative, methods...) athletes , live performance artists (drama, singing, dancing...) Team integration : ·  Are you dreaming of a mix of training program, practicing and enjoyment? ·  Would you rather be relaxing [...]

Creativity and team building


Raising creativity & innovation while developing your team’s cohesion through collective intelligence · Let your team take the challenge of collectively building a life-size object (raft, sled, shed...) · The techniques employed enable to capitalize on each person’s skills and showcase the team’s complicity and creativity · Professional attitudes [...]