Project Description

Discover management through Talents and boost your teams’ energy!

Although a talent is a stable and innate way of thinking, feeling, behaving and/or acting, the main definition we will work on together is « A talent is what brings me joy ».
Whether you are in a managing position or conducting your life or projects, acting in a state of joy will always be much more powerful.

Becoming aware of our talents (ours and those of people who accompany us every day) allows us to harmonize our relationships & requests while maximizing our performance.

There are 4 types of talents according to Gallup’s work (Donald Clifton et Marcus Buckingham)

  • ·  Regarding efforts
  • ·  Regarding the action of thinking
  • ·  Regarding our connections
  • ·  Regarding the power of influenceWe will define a framework where :

    « The result won’t be a source of enjoyment , but enjoyment will rather bring the result and upholding it »
    You will be able to rest on those strengths to succeed « It is in the action that you will gain self-confidence »

    You will also see how to increase your energy by positive messages and by using your talents
    « At work do you always have the opportunity to do what you know best and like the most ? »

    The workshop will consist of helping participants becoming aware of their own talents and making these talents bear fruits.
    Each participant will unveil his/her top five talents (the ones they mostly used so far) through Gallup’s “Strengthsfinder” test. We will then let each person understand each of their talents so as to use them more adequately within the team and individually.

    Managing a team through talents changes the vision, the expertise and the results.

This workshop can be organized either on one or on two days.