Project Description

Enhance your impact (non-verbal) and your natural leadership thanks to horses.

  • By reflecting your emotions, horses make you fully aware of the emotional states you express, often unknowingly.
  • This experience is unique and frequently troubling in its truthfulness, freshness and honesty.
  • An authentic and honest link with the horse will help you change your posture towards your entourage.A day with horses:Through role playing, horses offer a powerful mirror-effect to:
  • Work on intuition, emotions, concentration, non-verbal communication andvisualization.
  • Live consciously the present situation and observe it.
  • Experience the fundamental idea of cooperation.
  • Experience a different operating mode than strength and domination.
  • Trust yourself and trust your counterpart thanks to the established bond.The horse accelerates the access, the rediscovery & the emergence of potentials the person or group will be able to muster so as to reach the desired objectives.