Project Description

Develop the cohesion and the cooperation of your teams with the TAO game.

Try out a different relation with others in a playful setting to adopt the cooperative behaviours necessary to acheive success

More than 300 collaborators ( authors , sociologists, psychologists , artists , advisors…) helped in creating the TAO game. Based on age-old practices the Tao game is now :

· A personal development tool through a collective action · A precised helping decision support tool
· An efficient team cohesion and conflict resolving tool
· A tool to create a shared vision in a group

A game that responds to three of today’s issues:
It promotes the emergence and the appropriation of a shared vision, necessary to the rallying of energies and talents. It frees speech, develops innovation and thus allows to collectively identify groundbreaking solutions. It stimulates communication between the team’s members and creates long term cooperations.

After an in-depth study of your needs and goals , we establish a custom-made intervention offer.
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Raise your meetings’ efficiency through Collective Intelligence tools and our serene meeting management approach.

We are facilitators, coaches and organizers trained to fluidify communication within groups.
We have created a method that encompasses Collective Intelligence processes, systemic analysis and efficient & assertive communication (CARE2®). CARE2 creates a space for profitable and sustainable exchanges.

We host seminars, workshops or crisis meetings, creativity sessions & forums. During these events we facilitate cohesion, success and risk-taking that are necessary to any successful decision.
Making a system work in an optimal, dynamic and harmonious way, whichever system it is, lies in ensuring that all its elements are interacting.