Project Description

Develop cooperation & collaboration to give rise to enthusiasm and creativity.

Collective intelligence allows achieving 1+1=3, while organisations working under competition, inexistant cooperation and cliquishness will mostly attain 1+1=0.7.

Collaborative management brings Collective Intelligence’s principles to practical life in a group, association, company or collectivity.

We establish the Collaborative Management in your organization in accordance with the following principles :

  • ·  Defining a shared vision (instead of a common reductionist view)
  • ·  Portraying the organization’s or group’s raison d’être
  • ·  Encouraging communication among your teams
  • ·  Making collaborators aware of their responsibilities
  • ·  Benefiting from the other workers’ experience on a given issue
  • ·  Playing your part in finding concrete solutions
  • ·  Encouraging co-workers in finding improvement paths by themselves
  • ·  Lending weight to propositions submitted to the superior conciliation committee

thanks to collective commitment
· Displaying results to the team about the evolution processes and everyday- operation improvements
· Informing about the state of progress and results through both oral and written communication

“Improving independence and responsibility within your teams by raising their potential leadership”

  • ·  How do you recognize a leader?
  • ·  What is leadership for you?
  • ·  How would you define your role as a leader?
  • ·  Which are your rights and responsibilities as a leader?
  • ·  What shape does your leadership take?
  • ·  Where do you fit in a group?
  • ·  What type of leader are you?