Project Description

Learn to let go, delegate and accept not to be in charge of everything by having blind activities

The aim: Enhancing your team’s bond, mutual trust and cohesion in a playful way

Develop complicity, trust, and cohesion within a team in a playful way. Through a shared and blindfolded experience, try out and develop your other sensory faculties to grow your self- confidence and the team’s performance.

The progress will be built on the following exercices :

1. « Guardian angel »: learn how to let go on a situation.
2. « Explorers »: trust a teammate who will be guiding you through the environment.
3. « Farandole »: let your team guide you
4. « Gourmets »: learn or relearn to use other senses than sight. Make clear demands. 5. « Brain-teaser »: resolve a brain-teaser while being blind and guided by a sighted mate.
6. « Leaders »: Three sighted team mates guiding 6 blind persons through building a structure.
7. « Back-to-back »: Two back-to-back persons building together
8. « Crossing »
9. « Slalom »
10. « Memory »
11. « Discovery »
12. « Blind meal »