Project Description

We organize your team building through a thematic trip where your team will be able to approach elephants in their natural environment: the jungle. They will also be able to interact with them in a sheltering center. The elephants are there to revitalize themselves and find their core nature back, often after being abused by men.

The intents of this trip are accepting one’s vulnerability, being fully present at the elephants so as to let one’s personal power arise. It is a unique experience that will offer a wealth of learning opportunities and discoveries on yourself. Rare moments of authenticity will be rising from the necessary humility and conscious presence to the interaction with elephants.

The objectives :

  • Experiment emotions, which sometimes will be new ; be fully present to oneself ;non-verbal communication ; humility.
  • Live consciously the present moment’s situation and observe oneself.
  • Observe a different operating mode from strength, domination, weakness or submission.
  • The elephants give access in all simplicity to a person or a group’s core power, which then can be used throughout the workshop. The flourishing environment makes us present to ourselves, to others and to Nature.
  • The jungle is both an inspiration & discovery source. Finding oneself in it is an opportunity to experiment your ease in a hostile environment« Living in immersion at the jungle’s pace is also learning the power of inner silence »