How do we work?

A global approach to your goals

We implement a lively approach.

Taking into account the reality of your organization, your players and your environment, we build a constant interaction between the protagonists and the transmission of knowledge, know-how & business behavioural practices. We train key people to become internal levers & multipliers for an ecological and financial growth.

Relying and investing in men allows the energy of change to circulate easily within all organizations.

We build a partnership over time to:

  • Identify your needs and priorities
  • Make concrete solutions emerge and get them implemented
  • Ensure operational monitoring
  • Find together the right place for everyone in your organization

A single point of contact !

This will ensure a coordinated management of the whole project between your organization and Les Carnets d’Éveil.

Shared values :

Freedom, joy, enthusiasm, fraternity, gratitude, sharing, integrity, creativity, humility, authenticity, humour, open-mindedness, ecology, simplicity, dreaming, efficiency, perseverance, generosity and confidentiality.

A common professional code of ethics.

” Hervé Franceschi : Excellent orateur, passionné et passionnant – il génère un sentiment de calme – très crédible et à l’écoute – voix très agréable, calme et harmonieuse – très vrai et intéressant – sujet vaste, très bien résumé – très bien, clair et intéressant – très interactif. “
Alstom Grid • Conférence
” Au bout de 2 séances, je pouvais clairement exprimer mes « souhaits » et mes recherches se sont naturellement orientées vers “ce que je veux faire” et plus seulement vers “ce que je sais faire”. “
Sylvain L. • Coaching
Approche Manager

The role of Manager/Leader is not improvised

It is about learning to change and change without imposing. To do this, we define a project engine, which allows the collective implementation of projects and that will be a source of prosperity and pleasure for the whole organization. We have a sense of sharing: the projects of each should be organized around a common axis.

In addition, everyone needs to find the optimal positioning to deploy his potential. We believe in the butterfly effect:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

Conditions for success

The transparency of exchanges, and managers knowing how to empower and coordinate throughout the process!

A network of professionals, a team of coaches in France and throughout the world

Dare to model, copy our professionals and make yours :

  • new knowledge,
  • new know-how,
  • new how to be,
  • new postures.