Good or bad luck, who can tell?

There was in a village a man who owned a beautiful horse. So beautiful that the castle’s Squires would always want to buy it, yet he always refused.

“To me this horse is no animal but a friend. How could one sell a friend?” he said.

One morning in the stable, he saw that the horse wasn’t there anymore.

All villagers said: “Have we not told you? You’d have been better off selling it. Now it has been stolen… what bad luck!”

The old man answered: “Good or bad luck, who can tell?”

Everyone mocked him. But a fortnight later, here comes the horse, with a herd of other wild horses. It had escaped, seduced a beautiful mare and was returning home with them all.

“What luck!” said the villagers.

The old man and his son set on to tame the wild horses but a week later the son broke his leg while training.

“What bad luck!” said the villagers. “How will you manage, you so poor, if your son, your only support, cannot help you?”

The old man answered: “Good or bad luck, who can tell?”

Later on, the Squire’s army came into the village to enlist by force all available men. All… except the old man’s son, whose leg was broken.

“How lucky you are, all our kids are in the war and you’re the only one to have yours beside you. Perhaps our own will get killed…”

The old man answered: “Good or bad luck, who can tell?”

Future enlightens us bit by bit. We never know what it holds. But a steady, positive attitude opens the door to luck, creativity, and makes us happier.



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