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Corporate Approach

Our offers are aimed at Top Executives, Entrepreneurs, Leaders or future Team Leaders. We help them and their teams with Collective Intelligence and Systemic tools. We create Innovative Training in Emotional and Relational Intelligence, in particular with our Horse-Coaching techniques. We strengthen Talents, Leader Posture and Leadership through Coachings, Trainings and Team-Buildings tailored to increase team’s collaboration, cooperation, responsibility or efficiency (processes and behaviors). We train at Public Speaking (Pitch & Speech, Eloquence). We promote Wellness and Harmony and develop Joy as a performance booster within companies.

We support teams in French or English, in situations of breakdown or breathlessness, to restore meaning or vision.

“The team has increased its concentration, improved its communication, and cohesion has made a big step forward. I was deeply conscious of the cooperation and trust between the directors. The horse has accelerated the awareness necessary for the good operation of the team. Thank you Les Carnets d’Éveil !”

C. Macé. Director Réseau Pôle Action Logement – Procilia

Identify Needs
Co-create an Appropriate Solution
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Our vision

To give meaning, to explore “common sense”, to set in motion, to take part in the change with Joy!

Our values

Freedom, joy, the enthusiasm, fraternity, gratitude, the sharing, integrity, creativity, humility, the humor, open-mindedness, the ecology, the simplicity, the dream, efficiency and perseverance.

Our mission

Promote harmony, simplicity, fluidity and joy in all existing structure : in your mind, your body, your organization, your association, everywheret ! And to do so, help everyone find their place in this world, and each organization to find its mainspring.