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[fusion_dropcap color= »#ed694c » boxed= »yes » boxed_radius= »50% » class= » » id= » »]F[/fusion_dropcap]inal verses for the ending at the conference “Joy, your performance booster” by Hervé Franceschi, former high‐level sportsman and co‐author of “The Humanist Company, Management by Values” during a Dojo Night evening July 4th, 2016.

Joy Up Joy Up Joy Up !

We don’t need much to be happy…

On the way to joy there once was a voice singing
That murmured “Have faith in yourself and one day you shall be king.”

For happiness is being alive and being on the path,
Yearning and joying, being free and our true self,
With head between Earth and stars, at least I think so…
A few awareness notes, a few verse,
A few steps towards the sun between hills and wonders.

How then to find one’s way for one’s happy life?
This evening’s question goes: Is joy a performance‐booster?
It is!

How about burying burnout and rather practicing coming out?
Today I avoid hangover and propose to celebrate your Joy Up!
When colleagues at are the heart of their values to sail through their fears,
I tell myself that one is happy at work when one works on one’s happiness,
Heart to heart, 20 seconds or 20 days on the time‐clock…

Slow love, slow life, slow hugs…

So as to fly away all by oneself with a spark in the sky,

Showing a smile on the lips for HR first of all means “ Happy Remain”.

Kindness, patience, full trust of our awareness and of our power,

Quest of meaning, going back to childhood, is that taking a risk or taking a chance?
Learn that Joy “expands”…

Like a dance of human fertility in which “trusting” remains a mystery,
Between leadership and team‐building, watching companies and lives freeing themselves.

From wisdom to business, the spark of joy really blossoms activity,
An inspiration and peace of mind to change our thinking ways and enchant reality.

When piloting potentials and the emotional field or when conducting changes,
A key point will be the staff’s happiness but also the executives’ spiritual awareness.

Let us therefore applaud successes to thank all who helped us,
Because how could one raise above the flock without loving or being loved?
Bringing life and desire to one’s company, it is when one fails that one grows,
Without any “doubletalk”, in a fit of laughter let us aim for all that exists.

And if happiness lies in the way and not the destination
Then let us not play too fast in the concert of our action!

Lastly, be your selves and never forget the light at the far end of the tunnel
To free the Mozart who sleeps inside you in your sparkling eyes.

I remember an African saying: “alone one goes fast, together one goes far”.
Let us walk hand in hand for it is the waters of life that we shall become One.

In the end, the future belongs to people open‐minded and glad
The art to cooperate for those who still fumble and play bad
After which, in business, with a little poetry, shall we speak love?

To be true, the answer maybe lies at the heart of each of our paths…

Indeed, life is much too short to not decide to be happy if one piles up grudges.
Remember Confucius: “We have two lives and the second one starts when we realize we only have one.” You too should “celebrate your Joy Up” because your talents are worth gold, Become happiness passers‐on so as to build a whole new environment!

Do not tune down your joy, soothe your soul and expand your joy…

Author : Vincent Avanzi

Lecturer and Corporate Poet

Une Odyssée Humaine – La Plume Du Futur