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[fusion_dropcap color= »#ed694c » boxed= »yes » boxed_radius= »50% » class= » » id= » »]F[/fusion_dropcap]irst stage: Refuse to give way to negative thoughts throughout 6 days in a row.

In order to step up to another level in life, one can’t use the same methods than the ones which led us to where we stand now.

Only a new thinking process enables us to access new levels of personal and professional successes.

To achieve that, we invite you to put your brain on diet. Brain‐dieting means ridding all negative, destructive patterns – both psychological and emotional. When one follows this diet, one discovers its fantastic worth.

During the next 6 days, starting as of today, take resolve to not wallow in any negative thought or negative feeling.

If a negative thought comes up, focus at once on solutions:
“What can I do to better things right now?”

If you decide to address this challenge during 6 days, you pledge to keep a fully positive state of mind whatever happens.

Second stage : Prepare for success

Ask yourself livening questions such as: “What kind of a lesson can I draw from this?” “What is great about this situation? »

Third stage: Be focused on solutions, not problems !

The aim is not to ignore life’s problems but place yourself into psychological moods that will enable you to find solutions and implement them.

When we concentrate on what we can’t control, we are continuously robbed of power.
The healthiest people and who achieve the most are those that have worked on their ability to remain focused on a goal, by remaining clear‐minded and powerful, even though they stand in a storm.

How do they achieve this?
By following the basic rule: “Don’t spend more than 10% of the time on a problem and spend at least 90% on solutions”

Fourth stage : 6 days in a row

During your 6‐day diet, if you weaken some… do not feel guilty!
We train. Take your diet up again the next day for a new 6‐day period for the goal is to spend a full 6 days without any negative thought.